How to Build a Fence Close to Large Trees

If you want to build a fence in your yard but also live in a forested area, there are a few things you’ll want to consider. Building a fence close to large trees requires careful planning and consideration. It’s important to avoid damage to the trees’ roots and ensure the fence’s stability.

Before beginning the fence installation, your local fence company must survey the area to identify the position and extent of the tree roots. Take note of any large roots that could potentially be damaged during the installation process.

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If you love your trees, you definitely won’t want them to be damaged during installation.

When positioning the fence posts, ensure they are set at a safe distance from the tree roots. Avoid digging too close to the trees or damaging their root system. Consult an arborist or tree expert if you are uncertain about the proper distance.

Use construction techniques that minimize disturbance to the tree roots. Consider using post brackets that can be attached to the side of the tree instead of digging into the ground near the roots. This technique helps preserve the stability and health of the trees. If necessary, install a root barrier along the fence line to prevent the tree roots from growing and potentially damaging the fence. This physical barrier directs the roots away from the fence, protecting the trees and the fence structure.


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