Avoid This Dangerous Lot Clearing Mistake

When you’re engaging in lot clearing, there are common mistakes that are often made, according to HF. When you’re clearing a lot, there are many things that you need to do to get the area clear of trees, weeds, and brush. Often, a forest mulcher or a tractor is needed in clearing your lot.

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Make sure you have the right equipment for the patch of land that you’ll be clearing. Make an assessment of it and choose your equipment accordingly.

You should also have a bite and sting kit with you during the activity. A thick brush is full of things that can bite and sting, and you need to be ready. Not being ready is a common mistake that many people new to this activity make. If you’re bitten by a snake or hit a yellowjacket nest, these kits can help you to avoid serious medical complications.

Be careful where you place your feet when you’re clearing your lot. A wrong step can expose you to a snake and a potentially serious bite. Make sure your lower leg is covered, including your ankles in case of snakes and stinging insects. This can make it harder for bites and stings to get through as you’re lot clearing.

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