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Whether it be to increase the value of your property ahead of a sale or you’re on the verge of closing on a house you want to make your own, there is a high chance you’ll be involved in remodeling your space. When it comes to remodeling, there are a lot of things you need to consider beforehand. You can start by going through a reputable home remodel blog to get an overview of the possible activities and approaches you can take in your remodeling project. With such information, you can successfully plan for the project and allocate the necessary funds and time to complete the job. Read on for the ultimate home remodel blog.

1. Supplies

In any home remodel blog, you’ll learn that supplies are a crucial part of the remodeling process. You must consider cost, practicality, longevity, durability, and aesthetics, to name a few. Regarding quality, your concern is the material’s durability, which tells you how long it’ll last.

For practicality, you need to establish if the material used is ideal for your region, how accessible the property is for delivering particular supplies, and how environmentally sustainable the material you choose is. Lastly, ensure the supplies you get give you the aesthetic value you want in your remodel. Remember, don’t let costs make you compromise on quality.

There are other considerations to make depending on the areas your remodel will cover. If you’re working on your windows, HVAC system, attic, or basement, then you need to consider energy efficiency when going for your supplies. Consider the material performance, especially the load you expect to carry over the years.

This applies to all the materials you choose. The most common materials used in home construction and renovation are stone, steel, and wood. If you can, find out more about these materials to increase your awareness and find a good building supplier that will not only deliver high-quality material but also give appropriate advice.

2. Windows

Home remodeling may include working on your windows, like painting your vinyl frames to enhance the house’s appearance, increase energy efficiency, and help keep your maintenance cost low. Transom windows, usually installed over doors or other windows, use a window-wall approach to maximize light and space in a room. Consider installing clerestory windows above cabinets or shelves for the kitchen and bathroom to allow natural light from outside. French doors can also enhance the appearance and character of your home.

Awning windows create a beachy, coastal look, making them charming and functional in your home. This window style has mostly been used in older homes. Custom-designed windows are customized from production to meet your preferences.

They’re a good remodel addition as they add character to the house by looking directly at them and from the shadow they cast from the designs you choose. Commercial steel windows are very durable compared to other materials like wood or plastic. If your wooden framed windows are worn and falling apart, this home remodel blog assures you steel windows are your best bet.

3. Siding

Vinyl siding is by far the most used residential siding in the US due to its low cost, durability, and low cost of maintenance. Vinyl siding companies across the country offer this customizable and easy-to-install siding. Wood siding is stunning, durable, and can last up to 100 years with proper maintenance; its cost is the trade-off for such amazing qualities.

Wood siding is among the higher-priced siding in the market today. Stucco siding is made of earth, cement, lime, and silica, offering excellent insulation. It’s a popular choice due to its high energy efficiency and fire resistance.

Metal siding is among the most resistant sidings suitable for harsh weather conditions. You can now find metal sidings in steel and aluminum with different colors and textures. They have easy installation options and low maintenance costs.

A new siding technology has come up called Hardie boards. These are versatile with features combining wood’s durability, stucco insulation, weather resistance, and low maintenance equal to metal sidings. It’s especially ideal for coastal climates where it’s hot and humid. Keep up with the times with this home remodel blog.

4. Gutters

Gutter remodeling mostly involves gutter replacement, which you may take on because you want another gutter style, or the current installation may be old and need replacing. You can tell your gutter is old when you start seeing cracks, holes, and the gutter sagging. Other earlier indicators of gutters falling apart are when the gutter joints leak. These include when the hangers start loosening and when the paint starts splitting or peeling off.

Homeowners may also replace perfectly functioning gutters in good condition to fit their current personal preference. There are a few instances where remodeling will involve gutter repair. Still, in most cases, replacements are more common than repairs, as you’ll learn from a home remodel blog or job.

Gutters protect your house from water damage and your landscape from flooding. Seamless gutters are increasingly becoming popular among homeowners. They’re durable and require less maintenance compared to traditional gutters. Gutter covers are also an important feature that can be included during the gutter remodeling process.

They come in several types, including nylon, mesh, bottlebrush, and reverse curve gutters. Your gutters are a part of your roofing system, so you need to be sure your roof is in good condition before installing new gutters. Your fascia boards are where your gutters are secured. In the remodeling process, you may need to restore or replace them if they’re faulty.

5. Roofing

The roof is among the most avoided areas homeowners touch during a home remodel. This is because it’s a delicate and expensive process in many cases. It begins with a roof assessment to determine if any issues have come up and the general condition of the roofing system.

Find a local roofing company that can inspect the roof, attic, and ceilings for minor signs of damage like cracks, open seams, holes, peeling paint, and damaged tiles or shingles. Once your roofer has identified the area in disrepair, a plan can be made to do repairs. At this point, you can now implement any remodeling you desire. This may be painting the roof, adding house utilities that are installed on the roof, or changing your gutters.

This home remodel blog considers you may want a whole new roof with a different style and probably in a different material. For instances like this, extensive planning and budgeting are required to help get the job done right. The average roof takes up about 40% of the visible exterior of your home, so you want to make sure it looks good.

A roof replacement also begins with an inspection. However, in this case, the assessor isn’t looking for damage but rather collecting data to develop an appropriate roof replacement plan. There are also statutory considerations to make depending on the region in which you reside. Most states have local codes to guide you in your roof remodel.

6. Lawn Care

Lawn care involves all the processes to ensure your lawn is always well maintained. Watering your lawn helps plants grow deep into the ground to access more nutrients and minerals. Mowing your lawn enhances your property’s aesthetic value and promotes plant leaf production.

Lawn care also involves the application of fertilizer to give the plant the nutrients it may not be getting enough of from the soil. The soil needs to be aerated to allow oxygen in. This can be done by plowing the topsoil. Weeding is among the ongoing activities throughout the life of your lawn as they constantly keep popping up. Part of your lawn care is also managing pests and harmful microorganisms using the relevant insecticides and pesticides.

Lawn remodeling is simply a lawn makeover. It involves removing old grass and replacing it with new, fresh grass. Homeowners have different reasons why they’d do this.

Probably, it’s a type of grass that the owner would now want to see instead of what has been. It may also be due to pest nuisance caused by the presence of a particular plant or type of grass. Lawn renovation, on the other hand, refers to the measures taken to restore the image of the lawn.

It involves the removal of moss, thatch, and old dead grass. A new seed is then sprinkled to give new life to the lawn. Check out the best home remodel blog for recommendations on a local arborist who can help you remodel your lawn.

7. Trees

Home remodeling projects can be especially disruptive for trees near the house. To protect your trees, include tree root protection measures, tree trunk mindfulness, and tree branch clearance in your home remodel plan. A tree’s root system is crucial for its health. Machines like excavators pose a huge risk of root damage to the trees around your house.

Tree trunks are easy to access and therefore easy to damage. Some workers use the tree trunk as an anchor in their construction, which isn’t ideal. On the contrary, workers should erect a temporary fence around the trunk to keep it from harm. For the branches, pruning can be done beforehand to avoid harming the tree.

Before any construction starts in your remodeling, it is essential to consult your arborist and link them with your contractor to plan and coordinate the building process together. This way, activities will be planned and executed with tree preservation in mind. If there will be tree removal, hang signs or a prominent marker to mark the trees that need protection.

There’s also the option of relocating the tree, especially for younger trees. If you relocate a tree, ensure the new site is conducive to the plant’s survival, like well-drained soil, sufficient light exposure, and ample space for future growth. You can learn more about environmental considerations from a home remodel blog.

8. Flooring

When choosing your new flooring, consider the function of each room. This way, you’ll better choose each room’s most appropriate texture, color, and design. For floors that constantly get wet, like bathroom floors, pantry floors, and sometimes even kitchen floors, you need a floor that doesn’t get slippery when wet. For rooms like the living room and bedrooms, the theme of the room has more weight in choosing the type of floor. Seamless flooring in the living room is very appropriate.

Any home remodel blog worth its salt will tell you hardwood floors are among the most durable options today. When done right, they can last for generations. Vinyl floors are affordable, and they come in tile or sheet form. Sheet vinyl is susceptible to physical damage and sun fading despite being easy to install.

Laminated floors have a smooth look and a hardwood feel. They’re also easy to install. Carpeting a room is one of the classic choices many US families with children make for their flooring.

9. Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet makeovers are a cost-effective way to remodel your home with a significant impact. There are several ways to approach painting, refacing, or replacing cabinets. Remodeling your kitchen cabinets doesn’t have to involve the removal of the cabinets themselves.

You can transform things by changing your storage arrangement or getting new kitchen cutlery and utensils to fill your cabinet. Changing out old knobs and pulls is another quick and cheap remodel option. Kitchen cabinet companies are well-versed and experienced in coming up with cabinet remodeling ideas.

Refacing cabinets can cost up to 80% less than a total replacement and can be done in a day or two without interrupting the use of your kitchen. There are, however, some instances where cabinet replacement is unavoidable. For instance, if a wooden or MDF cabinet has been badly damaged by water, your only option may be to replace it. You can get information on kitchen remodeling from a trusted home remodel blog.

10. Garage

There are several garage remodeling ideas you can consider. For example, you may redo the garage lighting, paint the garage door, or use plants to soften the hard look of the garage. You can upgrade the garage siding to incorporate decorative elements, add trim and molding, or invest in new garage door openers. Remember to use materials that blend well with the rest of your home.

Home remodeling is an inevitable part of owning a house. The process can be smooth and very satisfying if you plan for the job well. A professional home remodel blog is a great place for getting inspiration for your project.

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