Find The Hottest Flowers of 2024 at Your Plant Nursery

Many people believe in the Chinese decorating principle called Feng Shui. In addition to furniture location, these principles include the use of plants that symbolize positive outcomes. The placement of these plants is as significant in Feng Shui as the placement of furniture. This video gives examples of gifts you can buy at a plant nursery to convey good fortune and peace.

Plants with Common Meanings

Most “lucky” plants symbolize success in business.

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Some of these plants include the snake plant and the bonsai tree. Plants with bold, vibrant colors (like the anglonema and the caladium) are popular because they use the energy held by their colors to bring joy to their households. Popular gifts for new businesses include plants that symbolize new beginnings – such as citrus trees, arrowhead plants, and jade.

Plants with Uncommon Meanings

Some of the most strategic plants to present to someone are named for – and have legends due to – the shapes of their leaves. For example, the prayer plant is so named because, at night, the two equal sides of its leaves fold together as a pair of praying hands will fold. Fiddle leaf ferns, in demand with musicians, have leaves shaped like violins. One of the best-known plants – Aloe Vera – is helpful for the healing gel found inside its stalks.

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