5 Important Things to Ask Your Professional Fence Builder

Have you wanted a fence on your property? This is something best left to one of the local fence builders in your area. If you have trouble finding one, here’s a video that will explain the five important things you need to ask your professional fence builder.

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  1. Do you have any references? The best advertising is word of mouth. Ask who they’ve worked for. Ask to see their previous work. Ask previous customers if they were satisfied with their service.
  2. Are you insured? Ask to see a copy of their insurance. Liability is good, but you need to ask about the workman’s compensation. Otherwise, you might have to pay for someone else’s mistake.
  3. How long is this going to take? Get on a schedule. Find out when they can start and when they’re expected to end. Keep in mind, weather can put pay to best-laid plans.
  4. When do you expect to be paid? Almost as important as “How much?” is the expected payment schedule. If a deposit is asked for, it should never exceed more than half the total for the entire job.
  5. Are the people working on the fence employees of the company or subcontractors? This will influence insurance rates.

Finding a fence contractor might seem difficult. Do your due diligence! A great fence can truly change the curb appeal and property value of your home for the better.


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