What Are The Environmental Benefits Of Green Landscaping

what are the environmental benefits of green landscaping

Are you becoming more conscious of your lawn? Are you searching for eco-friendly lawn care techniques and resources that don’t require you to read through countless books? Do you know the environmental benefits of green landscaping? Going green landscaping is a natural and simple way to achieve results. It doesn’t use harmful chemicals or complex routines. The best part is that organic lawn maintenance has many other benefits. It is affordable and pet-friendly. Continue reading below to find out more about going green landscaping, and how it can be integrated into your everyday life, whether you have pets, children, or both. Everyone can benefit from this home-owning venture.

Why Should I Try Green Landscaping?

Some people don’t believe that home renovations or lawn care for dogs are worth the effort. Did you know that landscaping can increase the value of your home up to 12%? This is no joke. It’s not a joke! Safe lawn maintenance involves planting gardens of vegetables and flowers, adding shade trees or cleaning your air. This will help you feel happier and make your home more pleasant. You can be the envy of your neighbors by giving your lawn a little water!

If you are concerned with water usage, you might want to consider hardscaping basics. Using round rock gravel or another hardscaping material can bring a sense of sustainable beauty to your property. One of the hardscaping basics is to choose a round rock gravel or lava rock.

How are Americans at Home Doing?

All across the country, safe and eco-friendly lawn care is increasing. Harris Poll, a survey conducted by the National Association of Landscape Professionals found that three quarters of Americans believe it is important to spend time tending to their gardens. Another survey found that half of homeowners who are renovating their outdoor spaces would prefer to spend at most six hours a week relaxing, gardening and entertaining, as well as creating new ideas for improvement. A majority of realty agents recommend quality landscaping to homeowners as a great investment project with potential 215% ROI. Dog-friendly lawn care is more than a good habit. It’s smart investment!

What Should My Budget Be?

It is important to determine your budget now for dog-friendly lawn care. This will save you a lot of money down the line. This is by its very nature, however, being more cost-effective and effective than traditional methods. Just over half of homeowners spend around $10,000 on landscaping or lawn-related projects. This includes paving, upgrading existing structures, or adding garden beds. A majority of respondents said they would pay more for a house or apartment that is already clean and green than if it was in good condition. Only 34% preferred to be close to shopping and other cultural attractions.

How Do I Get Started With Green Landscaping?

Although green lawn care should not be considered redundant, many people are unaware of its numerous economic and environmental benefits. You should start by researching which plants you would like to grow. 92% of people who add new plants to their gardens choose plants that are native to the area. You need to be pet friendly when caring for your lawn. This means that you should avoid certain types of grass, weeds and flowers. If you have cats or dogs, nightshade, monkshoods, morning glory, and holly should be avoided. New trees and hedges can provide shade and help keep the air fresh and clean, especially close to windows. There are other ways to keep pests away that don’t use harmful chemicals that could put your pet and you at risk. You can do anything with dog-friendly lawn care!

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